It’s a Beautiful Dayyyyy…

Love this book!

Love this book!

Do you all make to-do lists? Or do you do everything digitally? I love me some Apple-y techieness, but I still am an old fashioned notebook and planner kind of girl. I love writing it all down with my fave pens and the satisfaction of scratching that stuff off everyday. I always have one in my purse, one by my bed, one in my office, plus my planner which I drag all over hell’s half-acre.

I had planned on finishing off the changing of my warm weather clothes to my Lumpy Space Princess clothes today, as well as a fafillion other things, but I was totally distracted by the sunshiney weather and ended up farting around outside today. ( I pretended I was working-HA!) Tomorrow is another day!

Mackie asked me to start running with her, as she’s joined the swim team this year (Can I just say how happy I am that she’s not rowing this year? Those 6 am practices las year were KILLER.) so, despite not running for ages due to stupid Unicorn Death Germ Pneumonia and that my doctor said I shouldn’t run for 5 more days, I went out with her tonight.

We managed to do 2.5 miles and damn, kids, IT WAS GOOD. So happy to be out again. It was just cool enough to be comfortable, the leaves were gently falling onto the streets and we both had our own tunage, so I could listen to my Mumford &  Son and Pink and she could list to KANYE or whatever. I’ve got to work on getting my mileage back up. It’s been so hard to sit at home with the hacking and the hacking.

Tomorrow, I’m going to share a recipe for some delicious banana goodness, because I’ve got ripe bananas giving me a baleful eye every time I walk by the kitchen.

If you’re on Pinterest, go follow this board. You won’t believe all the awesome autumn goodness.





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